Whose responsibility are the gardens?

Unless otherwise stated in the lease, it is the responsibility of the tenant to maintain lawns and gardens. They are not responsible for the rimming of trees or shrubs or removal of branches from the property. Consideration should also be given to providing water during excessive dry spells as the tenants may not be responsible for plants dying.

Whose responsibility is the guttering?

The responsibility and expense of maintaining the gutters and keeping them debris and leave free is the Landlord.

Who’s responsible for the supply of gas bottles for cooking and hot water?

The supply and rental of the gas bottle is the responsibility of the owner, the cost of the gas used is the responsibility of the tenant.

Who pays for the cost of a blown fuse?

This is the Landlords responsibility unless it was due to the tenant overloading the circuit by using too many appliances. The Landlord will need written evidence from the electrician to claim the cost against the tenant.

Who pays for damage to the property?

If there is damage caused to fixtures or fittings as a result of fair wear and tear, then that is the responsibility of the Landlord. If the damage was caused either accidentally or purposefully by the tenant, then they are responsible for the cost of the repair or replacement of the fixture or fitting.

Can the Landlord undertake their own maintenance?

Yes, as long as the maintenance or repair is not required to be undertaken by a licensed trades person. So a landlord is not permitted to fix a leaking tap washer or undertake other plumbing repairs, electrical repairs or gas fitting repairs.

Can the Landlord end the lease if they want to sell their property?

No. The lease is designed to give the tenant a guarantee of occupancy of the property for the term of the lease.

HOWEVER, if the Landlord decides that they wish to sell the property, the tenant is within their rights to break the lease immediately with no cost.

Is the tenant allowed to leave the property before the end of the lease?

Yes, the tenant can give notice to break the lease during the term of the lease. Under these circumstances the tenant is required to pay between 1-4 weeks rent as a break lease fee depending on how far through the lease they are.

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