How do potential buyers shop these days? The fast growing number of buyers now use apps on their mobile & hand held devices and phones. It’s termed social skimming, where they will go to a retail app and quickly thumb scroll through the list of products until they see the one that catches their eye. With SO much information and content available to them, they scroll through quickly, wading through the mass of options available.

How does this affect you as a seller? Potential buyers for your property are doing the same thing. They will get onto a generic real estate app such as allhomes or domain, key in the parameters such as suburb or price range and press the go button. What happens next? A list of properties appear on the screen and they start scrolling down the list, looking for those properties they think may be appealing. And this is the crucial part for sellers. If you don’t have an eye catching picture of your property and an attention grabbing headline, the buyers will scroll on by – and this all happens in about 5 seconds. New age marketing requires the agent to think out side the box with innovative photography that may show more than just the front of the house or a renovated kitchen or living room. Lifestyle photos and catchy headlines are now the key to making potential buyers stop at your property, wanting to find out more.

A headline with punch, a sub heading with crucial detail and crisp, concise copy has superseded colourful waffle and dribble.

When looking to sell, check out potential agents’ marketing on the internet. If the primary photo of a property and headline doesn’t look attention grabbing, then it probably isn’t effective as it could be.

Daniel Gilbert has a B.Comm (Accounting) from the ANU and is one of the most experience agent in the region with over 23 years industry experience.