When selecting an agent to sell a property one of the attributes overlooked by may home sellers is how responsive the agent is. Selling can be a stressful time, and much of this is caused by sellers not being able to quickly access their agent to discuss issues, seek guidance or advice, or ask a question about the selling process.

A responsive agent can go a long way to relieving the stress of selling. So it’s important to really assess any prospective agent from the minute you first make contact with them. Let’s say you call an agency to book an appraisal appointment – measure how long it takes for you to speak to an agent to arrange a time. When is the agent able to come and see you – within the next day or two, or sometime next week? If the agent promises a follow up call or undertakes to prepare a written appraisal and proposal, again look at how long the agent takes to respond.

Responsive agents are just that, responsive, and they remain that way. They have a strong client service mindset and they understand how their responsiveness impacts on you as a seller, in terms of giving you timely advice and minimising stress. Unresponsive agents on the other hand, rarely get better. If you’ve called an agent for an appraisal, don’t get a return phone call for a few days (which does happen), then the agent can’t come and see you for several days, then takes several more days to submit a marketing proposal or submission, this is a pretty clear sign that they are unresponsive. It is highly likely that if you list with them, this is a measure of the poor service that they will provide to you, which will most likely make your selling experience stressful and frustrating.