We understand that for most investors, property is primarily used as a medium to long term asset to create wealth and generate passive income.

Whether you’re a first time investor, hold a portfolio of property, or you’re leasing out the family home, our role is to ensure that you maximise the return on your property with the least amount of stress by providing an unrivalled combination of experience, quality marketing, constant communication and expert management skills.

As such, the basis upon choosing an agent to manage your investment should go way beyond simply comparing the management fee or the offer of a bit of free advertising. Experience, thorough knowledge, rigid systems and detailed procedures are the key attributes and skills of a quality Property Manager.

Our agency commenced operations under a National franchise in Bungendore in March 2001, making us the longest established rural property management agency in the region. In 2012 we rebranded as an independent brand – Gilbert Real Estate.

Our Property Management division operates under the supervision and guidance of Daniel and Kim Gilbert – the principals of the agency. This is, in fact, a major point of difference between us and other agencies. Whereas the sales division is often seen as the primary and glamorous side of an estate agency and the property management is treated as the secondary part of the business, we see things differently. Our principals are involved in managing the property management on a daily basis, and we treat this side of the business as a core part of our agency.

With support from our Property Manager Renee Argaet (who has been with us since 2014), you have 3 team members with combined industry experience spanning more than 50 years looking after all aspects of your investment property.

When established and building a relationship with our investors, there are two fundamental core values we believe are paramount – expertise and trust.

Expertise means having the experience to ensure you’re given the right advice to make decisions that are best for you. It means having the knowledge to explain and guide you through the processes and answer any questions you may have along the way. Expertise means we have invested in the best technology, systems and procedures to take care of your investment, and it means that our team maintain a working knowledge of the ever changing legislation and compliance obligations.

Trust between us and our investors creates a positive environment of honesty, transparency and open communication.

Our objective is to share with you that expertise and trust, and we invite you to engage us as your agent and join our portfolio of property investors who have already put their trust in us to manage their investment property. 

For further information or to discuss how we can assist you with your property leasing requirements call us on 02 6238 1900 or email daniel@gilbertrealestate.com.au