Tenant selection is a crucial part of minimising Landlord risk.

Choosing the wrong tenant could result in unpaid rent having to be chased, deterioration in the value of the property due to damage, and time and expense at tribunal hearings making claims or seeking termination orders.

Therefore a strict tenant selection process must be applied to minimise these events.

Selecting a suitable tenant begins with the processing of the tenancy application form submitted by the prospective tenant. This involves:

  • Employment history – We ask for the employer details and contact number of someone within the organisation to verify current employment, the length of their employment and confirmation of income (which the potential tenant is required to provide proof of when they apply for the property)
  • Past rental history – We will ask for details of current and/or previous rental history for the last 2 years. 
  • References – We ask for the details of two personal references to vouch and verify that they are of good character
  • TICA search – (Tenancy Information Centre Australia) TICA is a database which will show if tenants have had a bad rental history
  • 100 point ID – Potential tenants are required to provide 100 points of ID as part of their application
  • Previous rental references – We contact the tenants current/previous property manager/landlord to see how reliable they were as tenants, how they left the condition of the property and their rent payment history. We also have a standard questionnaire that we ask to be completed.

If we are not satisfied that the tenant meets these guidelines, we will not allow them to rent your property. 

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