In order to manage your property, we need to complete and sign a Managing Agency Agreement. This document provides us with the legal authority to act as your agent, and it sets out the terms of our agreement, our role, and how much you will pay us to manage your property. It includes:

Man signing documents
  • All of your details –including your name, phone number, email address, postal address
  • Our agency details – including all our contact details, and license numbers
  • The address of your investment property
  • The date we’re permitted to start managing your property
  • All the tasks we’re allowed to perform on your behalf
  • What fee you will pay us for these services
  • How we will advertise your property for lease
  • What bank account we are to pay your rent into

TIP: Changes to legislation require us to provide the tenant with one point of contact for the landlord. We recommend that you set up a separate email account through a generic provider such as gmail, specifically for the purpose of receiving contact from the tenant if required. We do not recommend providing a telephone contact or home address.