A seller recently said, “ What a pleasant surprise! I really thought that with the quality of your marketing, your selling commissions would be much higher than your competitors”

They were quite pleasantly surprised when they compared our selling costs to other agents and found we offered far better value. I explained that with my accounting and business background, that we use modern technology, smart & efficient business systems and the best administrative support staff. The combination of these factors reduces our agency running costs, which are then passed on to sellers by way of lower selling fees.

We don’t have bloated administrative staffing levels because our streamlined systems and processes enable higher work flow with fewer staff.

We also don’t pay franchise fees. When I explained that if they listed their property with a franchise agency, up to $1000 or more of their money was siphoned off to head office.

None of this money is directed to marketing or promotion of your property. It more likely goes to fund hefty CEO salaries, gala black tie award nights, and lavish 5 star travel and accommodation expenses to attend state and national conferences.

Daniel Gilbert has a B.Comm (Accounting) from the ANU and is one of the most experience agent in the region with over 23 years industry experience.